Machinery & Equipment

AMSCO U.S. has reached competitive advantage through strategic in-house maintenance and servicing processes. All machinery and equipment are serviced and maintained in-house, leaving close to zero downtime and offering our customers guaranteed quality and on-time products.

Machinery & Equipment
  • Tyco CLS IV + Lead-Making Machines

  • AMP / Molex Crimp Presses

  • Molex/ETC Crimp Presses

  • Splice Crimp Presses

  • Eubanks Cut-Strip Machines

  • Eubanks Flat Cable Cut Machines

  • Eubanks Auto Wire Stripper

  • Alphatron Crimp Pull Tester

  • Automated Tie Wrap Machines

  • Cablescan Continuity Testers

  • HiPot Testers

  • Kingsley Hot Stamp Machine

  • Eubanks Hot Stamp Machine

  • Soldering Stations

  • Mini-Twister

  • Calibrator T-Micrometers